Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kiss the Girls

Kiss the Girls
by James Patterson

Finished June 9, 2010
4 Stars

Another winner from Patterson. I've read a few Alex Cross novels already, but wanted to go back to the beginning. Sadly, the first novel (Along Came a Spider) has been hard to get at the library, so I just skipped to this one! But I do have plans to eventually get my hands on that book!

In Kiss the Girls, Detective Alex Cross travels to North Carolina when he hears his niece Scootchie - a bright college student whom he shares a close relationship with - has gone missing. When Cross gets there, he has a hard time getting information, but soon finds out the local police believe that she has been kidnapped by a serial killer in the area Casanova.

Cross is desperate to help, but is getting the cold shoulder from the local police. Thankfully a contact from the FBI allows him to work the case. Through the investigation, it is revealed that Casanova has ties to a serial killer working in California known as The Gentleman Caller.

Cross races to figure out the link and find his niece and get her to safety. I think Cross is an amazing character and I love how his mind works - both when working and in his personal life. For me it was a quick read because I just couldn't put it down! 

I have not seen the movie, but I think it will be interesting to watch and compare the two - I've got it on my netflix queue - just not sure when I'll bump it to the top LOL! =)