Sunday, May 23, 2010

Knit in Comfort

Knit in Comfort by Isabel Sharp

Finished May 11, 2010
3 stars

*Please note, I was given this book to review from LibraryThing through their LibraryThing Early Reviewers (LTER) program, which has absolutely nothing to do at all with this blog.

Knit in Comfort was a quick, interesting read.

Elizabeth, a young women from New York, travels to Comfort, North Carolina based on a dream in which she thinks her grandma tells her too. There she meets Megan - a wife and mother from who she rents a room.
Elizabeth views Megan's life as perfect and wonderful and the dream life she wants. However, Elizabeth doesn't realize that Megan, like everyone, is not in fact living a fairy tale and that looks can be deceiving.
But what brings them together - along with some other women in town - is knitting. And through knitting, they are able to work through some of the issues they are facing.
While learning about Megan and Elizabeth and the women in Comfort, Sharpe also draws us in with the story of Gillian and Fiona, which takes place in the early 1900's on the Shetland Island. Fiona is a relative of Megan's and so we learn part of Megan's family's history as we learn about Megan.

As a knitter I was quite drawn to the talk of knitting - and the mention of the gorgeous lace knitting that Megan (and her family) does. I'm not sure what drew me in more - thinking about the beautiful lace knitting they referred to or the story honestly. I wished more than once this was a picture book or a movie or something similar. I'm positive the description of the lace knitting just didn't do it justice at all!

Also, as an aside, she mentions working on acre lace several times and for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is, so if you know, please please tell me LOL!

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